Daylight Forever: A Memoir

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Daylight Forever, A Memoir

"You can't escape your destiny," Mahvash's father always said. 

As a young Baha'i girl growing up in Tehran during the Iran-Iraq War, Mahvash lived in daily terror of religious persecution and bombing raids. She took destiny into her own hands.

Mahvash escaped under cover of darkness on a solo trek across the border.

This courageous and hopeful memoir is a portrait of a childhood cut short, a young woman's journey to flee oppression. It is the story of a refugee who learns what it means to come home.

Daylight Forever shares one immigrant's struggle for freedom, opportunity and belonging  —  and examines the tapestry of personal differences, which, through tears and determination, have been woven into our shared human destiny.

The immigrant experience

Troubled by the disturbing immigration and refugee crisis at the US southern border, Mahvash Khajavi-Harvey wrote Daylight Forever to encourage compassion, tolerance and acceptance. 

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